"SAIKAGI" comes from the Japanese words "SAI" (age) and "KAGI" (key), meaning "the key to youth". SAIKAGI's anti-aging secrets are extracted from various natural materials and combined with Japan's top research team's careful research to create the key to youth. SAIKAGI actively researches high-quality formulas and products, prioritizing customers' inner and outer health, and giving the secret key to youth, joy, and health to everyone who pursues health, living with joy and self-expression.

Brand message

We make "cherishing oneself" a natural attitude towards life, living as ourselves, and creating a bright life that belongs to us.

Mission and Philosophy

We continuously improve and launch different revolutionary products, transforming people's body and mind comprehensively. We believe in the healthy and beautiful aura that radiates from within, changing our lives, learning to appreciate ourselves, pleasing ourselves, and living as ourselves.
Joy is the best beauty product in life. We can bring the happiness and joy of anti-aging youth to every customer's hands, allowing them to radiate confidence and color.

Saikagi Brand Story

Time is freedom, and beauty always comes from our own radiance, not from others. Too many people seek only the praise and admiration of others, but they often forget that beauty, health, and confidence come from within and not from others' opinions.

The brand founder deeply understands the needs of Asian women in health and beauty. In the city, we all hope to bring women the idea of self, autonomy, and self-care, and hope that Asian women can break their own and society's limitations, bravely pursue themselves, and live a young and colorful life. The founder includes a beauty expert from Japan who has a lot of experience in Japanese beauty products and aesthetics. In addition, the founder has a lot of experience in anti-aging and freezing age, allowing every woman to cultivate a unique radiance.