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The exclusive compound formula makes Saikagi NMN different from most NMN products on the market. It contains the powerful NMN boosters Coenzyme Q10 (NMN 18000 only) and resveratrol, as well as carefully selected patented ingredients such as cherry blossom extract and amla emblica extract. This powerful natural combination effectively activates and repairs damaged cells in the body, producing a more comprehensive, inside-out rejuvenation effect.

Made in Japan <br/>All Saikagi NMN products are made in Japan and have been rigorously tested and certified by additional third-party laboratories to ensure that users can consume them with confidence.

Exclusive scientific research formula
Saikagi NMN is the only one on the market that has exclusive formulas such as cherry blossom and amla. It has a wider range of effects and more significant effects than ordinary NMN products.

Anti-aging is not just for the elderly <br/>In addition to the elderly, the ingredients and dosage of Saikagi NMN also cater to the needs of the younger generation, so that "freezing age" can start earlier.

Choose the NMN content that suits you
Saikagi NMN has products with different NMN dosages and particle numbers, allowing users to choose the product that best suits them based on their actual needs and body's absorption capacity.

Both physical and mental health benefits <br/>In addition to aging your appearance and body, the ingredients in Saikagi NMN products can also bring you the healthiest youth, both physically and mentally, by improving body functions that affect your mind.

The specific effects of NMN will be manifested in different individuals through different channels. People experiencing health issues or concerns may begin to feel improvements as early as days 7 to 10 after taking it. The effects of NMN can be reflected by gradual improvements in sleep quality and daily mental energy. People with no health problems or concerns will typically feel an improvement in their metabolism and daily energy levels within approximately the 2 to 3 weeks of taking it. With long-term use, the gradual improvement of body functions will become more and more obvious.

Efficacy of SAIKAGI NMN <br/>Top 10 anti-aging and anti-aging effects
1. Comprehensively improve body functions
2. Improve vitality and memory
3. Effectively strengthen the immune system
4. Activate cells and repair damaged DNA
5. Maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health
6. Improve sleep quality
7. Powerful skin-beautifying antioxidant
8. Improve skin firmness and moisture
9. Anti-glycation and inhibit skin aging
10. Whitening and anti-wrinkle

NMN 18000 is added with Q10 ingredient, which can activate the cell energy system and protect cells from free radical damage.

Obvious effects will be seen after taking it for about 7 days. You will feel more relaxed and energetic, your mind will be clearer, your sleep quality will be improved, and you will not feel tired easily.

According to NMN human clinical testing, a visible increase in NAD+ levels in the body can be recorded in as quickly as 14 days. Starting from the eighth week, various hormonal data improved, skin became better, and various body functions improved.
Skin is plump and elastic, wrinkles are reduced, and skin is brighter and more radiant. The detoxification function of the liver and body will also be improved, which can effectively reduce the damage caused by bad living habits.

Starting from the tenth week, insulin sensitivity improves and metabolism improves. In the twelfth week, blood vessel hardness began to decrease, sleep improved, physical strength improved, exercise ability improved, and telomere length nearly doubled in 90 days.

Long-term use of NMN can improve overall human body functions, restore and enhance declining human functions, maintain and increase NAD+ levels, thereby achieving anti-aging effects.

NMN is the only cytokine that has been proven to have the function of reversing aging by the three top international academic journals Science, Nature and Cell. It can activate all 7 anti-aging proteins (longevity proteins or longevity factors) known in the human body. It is currently scientifically proven by humans. It is the most comprehensive and powerful cellular anti-aging factor known in the world, and is therefore considered to be the most likely substance to control human aging at this stage.

The research conclusion of a 2019 Nature sub-journal paper shows that NMN can promote various stem cell functions to achieve health and longevity. More importantly, NMN can not only promote stem cell function, but also activate Sirtuins 1~7 longevity genes, repair body cell DNA and activate body cell mitochondria. It can be said to be the most natural, safe and effective anti-aging, high-quality A scientific and technological product, it is currently the most recommended health food by authoritative research institutions.

According to a medical literature in Australia in 2012, the average NAD+ value of newborn babies is 8.54 (ng NAD+/mg protein). By the age group of 30-50 years old, the NAD+ value has dropped to 2.74, and it has dropped to 2.74 by the age group of 51-70 years old. 1.08.

Many young people around the age of 20 have bad habits of staying up late and smoking and drinking. Therefore, people who have strict health requirements and want to reap the various benefits of NAD+ can start taking it around the age of 25. The NAD+ level in the human body gradually decreases with age, and the hasty and unhealthy lifestyle habits of modern urbanites increase the rate of aging. Therefore, even if you start taking NMN at the age of 25, although you may not feel it obviously, you can still achieve the effect of improving body functions and effectively preventing aging and freezing of age.

When purchasing NMN, pay special attention to the purity and concentration of NMN, as other ingredients may be mixed to mislead consumers.

In addition, when purchasing NMN, consumers should also pay attention to choosing products that are suitable for their age. The higher the content of NMN products, the better. Based on human clinical experiments, safety report analysis and NMN research results, and taking into account age issues, the generally recommended daily NMN intake is:

People over 25 years old need to consume approximately 150 mg of NMN;

People over 40 years old need to consume approximately 300 mg of NMN;

People over 60 years old need to consume approximately 600 mg of NMN;

Consuming too much NMN is simply excreted by the body, so taking NMN products that contain too much is a waste of money.

David Sinclair, a professor at Harvard Medical School, once said that resveratrol is like a car's accelerator, and NMN is like fuel, and the combination of the two can operate efficiently. Therefore, when purchasing NMN products, you should also pay attention to whether the product contains other ingredients that can enhance the effect of NMN.

NMN is most effective when taken within 6 hours of waking up in the morning. NMN can be taken with water or food. Because it can increase NAD+, it has an impact on circadian rhythm. Therefore, taking it at night should be avoided.

NMN is suitable for a wide range of people. If divided by age, middle-aged and elderly people need to supplement NMN. It can help relieve chronic fatigue, poor sleep, vision loss and other health problems, and can also improve various elderly diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. sick;

If divided by occupation, office workers with high pressure can effectively regulate their body functions and prevent sudden diseases by supplementing NMN, making their minds clearer and more flexible at work;

Especially for people with anti-aging, poor sleep quality, low immunity, easy fatigue, poor liver function, Parkinson's patients, Alzheimer's disease, postpartum women, etc., NMN is of significant help.

In addition, athletes, people who often drink alcohol or stay up late, and patients with depression can also improve their physical functions and comprehensively improve their physical fitness by supplementing NMN. Especially for postpartum women, NMN can not only comprehensively improve women's physiological functions, but also reduce the risk of postpartum depression and play a positive role in postpartum repair.

It does not contain hormones at all, and the effect is quick because the application of small molecule promotion technology enables the absorption of NMN in the body very quickly. It is absorbed through the digestive system intact, enters the blood in 2 to 3 minutes, and increases the NMN content in the tissue within 15 minutes. 90 % is absorbed by the blood, rapidly increasing the NAD+ level in the blood, liver and other organs.

Yes, NMN is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. Every cell originally has NMN and is constantly metabolized. Taking NMN only increases our original NAD+. NAD+ is originally an important energy for our body cells and will not derive other chemicals. The effect or substance is very suitable for long-term use, so that the body can maintain an anti-aging state for a long time.

The answer is no. There is currently no evidence that stopping NMN will cause any side effects or withdrawal symptoms. However, daily consumption of NMN can effectively increase the NAD+ level in the human body, effectively improve body functions and delay aging.

No studies have found that NMN supplementation will cause any adverse side effects. NAD+ is a coenzyme found in every cell in our body. Taking NMN is only to increase the NAD+ already present in the body, so it will not produce other chemicals.

Since the purpose of taking NMN is to increase NAD+ in the body, children do not need to take it. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are not recommended to take it. If you have a medical condition or are taking any medications, please consult your doctor before use.