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Ultimate anti-aging pill NMN 18000

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The ultimate age-reversing pill NMN 18000 helps you liberate boundless beauty, find and permanently lock youth from the inside out.


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Saikagi NMN ultimate anti-aging pill
Anti-aging from the inside out, regain your youthful glory, and feel the eternal spring

"Five anti-aging ingredients"
NMN • Sakura Extract • Resveratrol • Q10 • Phyllanthus Phyllanthus

SAIKAGI's unique formula combines a variety of patented ingredients such as NMN and cherry blossom extract to directly activate longevity genes, effectively increase NAD+ levels in the body, reshape cell vitality, and freeze your age both internally and externally.

It uses pure and high-efficiency ingredients to repair damaged cells from the root, comprehensively improve body functions and fully nourish and beautify the skin. It can restore the body to its best condition both internally and externally, locking youth, and being antioxidant and rejuvenating. It is the key to reversing aging.

Saikagi Ultimate Age Reduction Pills are specially designed for those who are committed to restoring spring-like youthful vitality. The NMN content in the capsules is high, making it suitable for people looking to significantly enhance their youthful vitality. The combination of NMN, Resveratrol and Q10 powerfully ignites youth genes, boosting overall vitality and improving overall body function. Saikagi's ultimate anti-aging pill is the one that helps you liberate the boundaries of beauty and find the key to locked youth.

Ingredients, origin and consumption method

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SAIKAGI NMN18000 uses high-quality Japanese raw materials, all developed and manufactured in Japan. It extracts 99% pure NMN and reaches the muscle base cells directly.

The ingredients have undergone a number of clinical trials and have also obtained a number of Japanese and multinational patents for beauty and beauty.

Origin: Japan

Main ingredients: NMN (beta-nicotinamide mononucleotide), cherry blossom extract, red wine extract, Phyllanthus emblica extract, coenzyme Q10

Product specifications: 60 capsules (capsules) per box, 539 mg per capsule, NMN = 300 mg per capsule

Instructions for consumption: Take 2 capsules in the morning (before meals).

Ultimate anti-aging pill NMN 18000
Ultimate anti-aging pill NMN 18000


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Made in Japan: All Saikagi NMN products are made in Japan and have been rigorously tested and certified by additional third-party laboratories to ensure that users can consume them with confidence.

Exclusive scientifically researched formula: Saikagi NMN is the only one on the market that has exclusive formulas such as cherry blossom and amla. It has a wider range of effects and more significant effects than ordinary NMN products.

Anti-aging is not just for the elderly: In addition to the elderly, the ingredients and dosage of Saikagi NMN also cater to the needs of the younger generation, allowing "age-freezing" to start earlier.

Choose the NMN content that suits you: Saikagi NMN has products with different NMN dosages and particle numbers, allowing users to choose the product that best suits them based on their actual needs and body's absorption capacity.

Both physical and mental health benefits: In addition to aging your appearance and body, the ingredients in Saikagi NMN products can also bring you the healthiest youth, both physically and mentally, by improving physical functions that affect your mind.

Top ten anti-aging and anti-aging effects
1. Comprehensively improve body functions
2. Improve vitality and memory
3. Effectively strengthen the immune system
4. Activate cells and repair damaged DNA
5. Maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health
6. Improve sleep quality
7. Powerful skin-beautifying antioxidant
8. Improve skin firmness and moisture
9. Anti-glycation and inhibit skin aging
10. Whitening and anti-wrinkle

NMN 18000 is added with Q10 ingredient, which can activate the cell energy system and protect cells from free radical damage.

Obvious effects will be seen after taking it for about a week. You will feel more relaxed and energetic, your mind will be clearer, your sleep quality will be improved, and you will not feel tired easily.

After taking it for one to two months, you can obviously feel that the overall condition of your skin is better, plump and elastic, wrinkles are reduced, and your skin is brighter and shiny.

Long-term use can increase exercise endurance, reduce pain, strengthen myocardial function, stabilize blood pressure, balance blood sugar, enhance concentration and memory, improve resistance, prevent diseases, etc. It can effectively achieve anti-aging effects.

Many young people around the age of 20, who have a habit of staying up late and smoking and drinking, have strict health requirements. If they want to get the various benefits of NAD+, they can start taking it and start taking care of it early. And the middle-aged and elderly people are the ones who must take NMN!

The higher the content of NMN products, the better. Excessive intake will only be excreted by the body. According to the analysis of human clinical experiments, the generally recommended daily intake of NMN is (depending on personal constitution and physical condition):

- Ages 25 to 39 need to consume 150mg to 300mg
- Ages 40 to 59 need to consume 300mg to 600mg
- Those over 60 years old need to consume 600mg or more

* Saikagi NMN 18000 contains 300mg of NMN per capsule

Saikagi NMN is a purely natural substance that does not contain medicinal properties, artificial chemicals or hormones. The substance will not cause dependence or side effects. All are packaged in plant capsules and are suitable for vegetarians.

Since the purpose of taking NMN is to increase NAD+ in the body, children do not need to take it. It is not recommended for pregnant women to take it while breastfeeding. If you have a medical condition or are taking any medications, please consult your doctor before use.

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